How To Tell He / She Is Interested In You

There were times when it was only the duty of the men to ask the women out and initiate any interaction but these are obsolete rules, and today the men and women are at par with each other. This is not only the case with the normal life but also in the dating scenario. Today women are equal partners in everything and vice versa.

This has however, created confusion because not all people have adapted to the changes in the roles of the men and women. Many a time you may be the only person who is being proactive in a relationship.

There are some points that will show you that the person you are pursuing is not interested in you:

· It is always you who is always trying for each out to them either via phone or text. Also, when they respond, they do it either in a plain manner or not very enthusiastically.

· The relationship is not taking a natural course. You are only limited to meeting your partner and are not being introduced to their friends and family who are also the important people in their lives.

· The meetings and the frequency of meetings have decreased considerably. Even when they meet you, they want to leave early.

· Most of the time when you complain about the distance between you two, they cite the busy schedule as the reason for the same. And they meet you when their terms and conditions are met with.

· However, there also signs that will help you figure out that the other person is genuinely interested in you.

· They make efforts to contact you either via calls or text messages.

· They like to respond to your efforts of contacting them.

· The relationship sees natural course of progress, and you two like to spend more time with each meeting. You are introduced to close friends and family, and you feel comfortable in other’s presence.

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